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Christina May

Who is the Christina May?

You may want to pay attention, big boobed British babe Christina May is a once in a lifetime model and your new favorite pornstar! The self-proclaimed professional dick twitcher and queen of banter is sharp as a tack, and gorgeous to boot. She can dress you down with a tongue lashing, but when she strips to show you her big tits and tight ass, you’ll realize that brains and beauty together are an unbeatable combination. After all… who doesn’t want to fuck a gorgeous woman who can make them laugh and cum at the same time?!

What job does Christina May have?

Christina May’s profession is Pornstar

When is Christina May’s birthday?

November 11th, 1984

Where Christina May is from ?

Christina May is from United Kingdom

How tall is Christina May ?


Does Christina May Have a official website ?


Christina May’s Videos

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