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Brooke Haze

Who is the Brooke Haze?

Petite beauty Brooke Haze grew up in Florida, so it’s no coincidence that there’s no place this babe would rather be than the beach. This stunner’s natural habitat is definitely white sand, blue surf, and softly blowing palm trees. And with her long, brown hair, sunkissed skin, and gorgeous, round booty that stands out on her small frame, Brooke’s body was made to wear bikinis! This Florida girl loves the relaxed lifestyle of her hometown of Fort Lauderdale, and her chilled-out vibe means when you’re hanging out with Brooke, it’s always fun in the sun! When it comes to her porn scenes, though, Brooke doesn’t just sit back and relax–this babe is always ready to take the lead, whether it’s going down on another hot girl, giving a sloppy blowjob, or riding a hard cock! In her private life, Brooke says she’s pretty chill about sex, and she’s taking applications for a cuddle bunny who’s also a good fuck buddy. Think you’re up for the job? Be sure to study all Brooke’s steamy scenes right here!

Brooke Haze interested Guys and Girls

What job does Brooke Haze have?

Brooke Haze’s profession is Pornstar

When is Brooke Haze’s birthday?

April 21, 1993 in Arizona, U.S

Does Brooke Haze Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Brooke Haze

Where Brooke Haze is from ?

Brooke Haze is from United States

What is the zodiac sign of Brooke Haze


How tall is Brooke Haze ?

5′ 2″

Does Brooke Haze Have a official website ?


Brooke Haze’s Videos

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Brooke Haze’s Pictures

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