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Brittany Andrews

Who is the Brittany Andrews?

Producer, director, DJ, model, comedienne, and of course award winning porn star, Brittany Andrews is a woman of many talents. A big-titted, blonde-haired, blue-eyed classic, she’s definitely got the look. Watch one of her films, and you’ll discover that there’s more to Brittany Andrews than just a pretty face and amazing body, though. She’s also smart, sexy, and horny as hell, which all adds up to one amazing porn star! It’s no wonder then that she was given porn’s highest honor back in 2008 when she was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame! And even though she briefly retired back in 2008, horny babes like Brittany Andrews just can’t stay away for long, and she’s since made her triumphant return back to the adult industry! So check out one of her scenes right here, since there’s nothing hotter than seeing a true legend at work!

Brittany Andrews interested Guys

What job does Brittany Andrews have?

Brittany Andrews’s profession is Pornstar

When is Brittany Andrews’s birthday?

August 13th, 1973

Where Brittany Andrews is from ?

Brittany Andrews is from MilwaUnited Kingdomeee, WI

What is Brittany Andrews’s ethnic background ?

Brittany Andrews’s ethnic background is Caucasian

What is the zodiac sign of Brittany Andrews


What color are Brittany Andrews’s eyes ?

Brittany Andrews’s eyes color are Blue

What color is Brittany Andrews’s hair ?

Brittany Andrews’s eyes color are Blonde

How tall is Brittany Andrews ?

5′ 9″

What size bra does Brittany Andrews wear?


Does Brittany Andrews Have a Facebook account?


Does Brittany Andrews Have a Twitter account?


Does Brittany Andrews Have a Instagram account?


Does Brittany Andrews Have a Snapchat account?


Does Brittany Andrews Have a official website ?


What are Brittany Andrews biggest turn-ons?

Anal, Role Play and Lots of Dirty Talk

Brittany Andrews’s Videos

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Brittany Andrews’s Pictures

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