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Who is the BrendonKnox Online? Yes I am available for hire, and no I do not work for free or for resume padding(for many reasons); collaborations are also negotiable. But head to my website to get direct contact with me. Born in the EU, raised in Canada; I speak multiple languages and I'm an epic cook. I have great hygiene, I'm a minimalist, realist, wanderluster, I DO NOT smoke, drink, use drug, or religion(which is different from being spiritual, but not always separate from each other). I have great compassion for other humans, but my patients doesn't always keep up with that. #english #hungarian #angol #magyar

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tight t-shirts, just blue jeans, girls in a mans dress shirt, petite girls, facials of any kind, male muscles, tight round little asses, dirty talk, hearing a girl moan as i satisfy her, sex outside, ball ring, neck pressure/holding, hair pull, ass slaps

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