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Bailey Jay

Who is the Bailey Jay?

Damn. Have you seen her body? Whew! Someone needs to call the fire department in here. She’s so hot, it almost seems illegal. I mean, this shemale is the stuff of fantasies, with her greenish blue eyes, tall 5’8” frame, round 34C breasts, sultry curves and pale smooth skin, not to mention six inches of hard meat. Men, women and all those that fall in between the world over effuse over her on the internet. Bailey Jay, aka Line Trap and even more commonly, Harley Quinn was born in Richmond, Virginia in the year 1988. This witty and confident TS is a huge fan of Otaku, Manga and Cosplay. She came into limelight back in 2007 at an Otaku event, when a video of what looked like a girl flashing her boobs at onlookers went viral. In this video, a member of the security team approached in an effort to stop what she was doing, and Bailey was heard to respond that she was actually a boy. Nevertheless, she gained fame within the Otaku community and earned herself the nickname “Line Trap” from fans. But her porn career actually really began in 2008, and she has since picked up a couple of consecutive awards for Transsexual Performer of the Year from AVN. Bailey is also very versatile with her sexual preferences. Whether fucking or getting fucked, she makes the most of it either ways. Trust me, she has enough charm to make anyone, and I mean ANYONE, reconsider their sexual choices.

Bailey Jay interested Guys and Girls

What job does Bailey Jay have?

Bailey Jay’s profession is Pornstar

When is Bailey Jay’s birthday?

5 November, 1988

Where Bailey Jay is from ?

Bailey Jay is from United States

What is Bailey Jay’s ethnic background ?

Bailey Jay’s ethnic background is White

What is the zodiac sign of Bailey Jay


What color are Bailey Jay’s eyes ?

Bailey Jay’s eyes color are Hazel

What color is Bailey Jay’s hair ?

Bailey Jay’s eyes color are Black

How tall is Bailey Jay ?

172 cm

Does Bailey Jay Have a Twitter account?


Does Bailey Jay Have a official website ?


Bailey Jay’s Videos

Bailey Jay’s videos on JizzGay

Bailey Jay’s videos on PornForGay

Bailey Jay’s videos on PornForGay

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