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Azul Hermosa

Who is the Azul Hermosa?

Stunner Azul Hermosa’s got a banging body that looks like it has inspired pages and pages of poetry and love letters. A dark-haired hottie from Oregon, Azul loves dancing and pole work, and when she isn’t expressing herself artistically with her 34DDD big boobs or toned booty, she does so through putting the pen to page. A writer who likes to please her partners, Azul can identify and impress your deepest desires, whether physical, emotional, or a little combination of both! When she isn’t performing, Azul loves to try new restaurants, go out with friends, and especially travel. Check out Azul Hermosa in the videos below!

Azul Hermosa interested Guys and Girls

What job does Azul Hermosa have?

Azul Hermosa’s profession is Pornstar

When is Azul Hermosa’s birthday?

September 15th, 1992

Does Azul Hermosa Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Azul Hermosa, Sarah Tena

Where Azul Hermosa is from ?

Azul Hermosa is from Oregon

How tall is Azul Hermosa ?

5′ 7″

Does Azul Hermosa Have a official website ?


Azul Hermosa’s Videos

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Azul Hermosa’s videos on HDTubez

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Azul Hermosa’s videos on ELESBO

Azul Hermosa’s Pictures

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