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Ava Parker

Who is the Ava Parker?

Petite girl-next-door spinner Ava Parker is such a nympho, she’s not just into fetishes you’ve heard of; she’s inventing new ones. This cute redhead with the tight, little body loves playing around with dominance and submission, and she’s a massive exhibitionist who gets off on knowing that thousands of porn fans she’ll never meet are jacking it to her at any hour of the day or night. Ava also has some kinks that have yet to be named, and even watching a guy devour a sandwich will make her tight little pussy wet. Keep your eye on this sexual trailblazer, because you never know what new fetish Ava will invent next!

What job does Ava Parker have?

Ava Parker’s profession is Pornstar

When is Ava Parker’s birthday?

November 28th, 1995

Does Ava Parker Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Ava Parker, Ava Harper, Eva

How tall is Ava Parker ?

5′ 4″

Does Ava Parker Have a official website ?


Ava Parker’s Videos

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