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Apolonia Lapiedra

Who is the Apolonia Lapiedra?

She is originally from Hellin, Spain, Apolonia is a gorgeous Latina seductress who started her career in the adult industry from her early years. Her natural beauty, sexy body and her beautiful face are some of the features that helped her climb the ladder to success in no time and helped her make a name for herself in the porn world. However, when it comes to what she loves the most, Apolonia is a great fan of getting fucked in some of the most dangerous public places, never saying no, when she is asked for a quick fuck and loving the risk of getting caught by any kind of passerby.

Apolonia Lapiedra interested Guys and Girls

What job does Apolonia Lapiedra have?

Apolonia Lapiedra’s profession is Pornstar

When is Apolonia Lapiedra’s birthday?

April 27th, 1992

Does Apolonia Lapiedra Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Apolonia Lapeidra

Where Apolonia Lapiedra is from ?

Apolonia Lapiedra is from Hellín, Albacete, Spain

What is Apolonia Lapiedra’s ethnic background ?

Apolonia Lapiedra’s ethnic background is Latin

How tall is Apolonia Lapiedra ?


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