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Annie Body

Who is the Annie Body?

Hi everybody My names Annie Body aka: Annie "Fuckin" Body, lol. Some of you may know Me from My works in the adult industry and some of you May know Me from My art or because I am the first female ever to own and operate a professional wrestling federation. In any case here I am full force on to have some fun and excel at a good time 😉 Hope to meet some awesome new friends who share in what MY idea of a good time is!!! Oh and of course collect some slaves along the way 😉

Annie Body interested Guys and Girls

What job does Annie Body have?

Annie Body’s profession is Pornstar

When is Annie Body’s birthday?

14 October 1968

Does Annie Body Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Anastasia X

Where Annie Body is from ?

Annie Body is from United States

What is Annie Body’s ethnic background ?

Annie Body’s ethnic background is Caucasian

What is the zodiac sign of Annie Body


What color are Annie Body’s eyes ?

Annie Body’s eyes color are Hazel

What color is Annie Body’s hair ?

Annie Body’s eyes color are Red

How tall is Annie Body ?


What size bra does Annie Body wear?


Does Annie Body Have a official website ?


What are Annie Body biggest turn-ons?

My turn ons are … knowing men and women both enjoy getting off with me.

Annie Body’s Videos

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