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Alex Legend

Who is the Alex Legend?

French heartthrob Alex Legend has gone from rockstar to pornstar. The heavily tatted Parisian stud grew up with a guitar glued to his hand and a skateboard strapped to his feet, living dangerously and rocking out with a band of musical misfits. One wild night out and Alex ended up in bed with a hottie he would later learn was famed pornstar Penny Pax. In an impromptu post-sex interview, Penny assessed his massive cock, seductive French accent, and athletic build as “fit for duty” – claiming he was made for adult entertainment! Though Alex still stays musically active, he put his musical career on the back burner to pursue a new on-screen passion: fucking the top female stars in porn. Shooting hot scenes isn’t only about funding his European sportscar infatuation; the dapper Frenchman’s goal is to unload his cumshot on as many tits and asses as he can!

Alex Legend interested Girls

What job does Alex Legend have?

Alex Legend’s profession is PornStar

When is Alex Legend’s birthday?

May 29th, 1982

Where Alex Legend is from ?

Alex Legend is from Paris, France

How tall is Alex Legend ?

6′ 1″

Does Alex Legend Have a official website ?


Alex Legend’s Videos

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