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Alessa Savage

Who is the Alessa Savage?

You don’t get to be called the Princess of UK Porn like Alessa Savage without learning a few tricks along the way. Like many alternative girls who just love getting naked, Alessa started out exploring her sexuality with modelling and fetish shoots. But when she realized just how much it turned her on to be the center of attention on-set, Alessa took it a step further. Fans responded immediately to her first hardcore videos, and demanded to see more of this tattooed babe. In her leisure time, Alessa loves to unwind with handicrafts that soothe the soul like painting and sewing, but she’s just as game to blow off some steam with some video games. What’s next for this English starlet’s career? She’s got an open mind (and open legs) for whatever cum next!

Alessa Savage interested Guys and Girls

What job does Alessa Savage have?

Alessa Savage’s profession is Pornstar

When is Alessa Savage’s birthday?

June 13th, 1989

Does Alessa Savage Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Alessa Savage

Where Alessa Savage is from ?

Alessa Savage is from United Kingdom

What is Alessa Savage’s ethnic background ?

Alessa Savage’s ethnic background is Caucasian

How tall is Alessa Savage ?

5′ 8″

Does Alessa Savage Have a Twitter account?


Does Alessa Savage Have a Instagram account?


Does Alessa Savage Have a Snapchat account?


Does Alessa Savage Have a official website ?


Alessa Savage’s Videos

Alessa Savage’s videos on CaliPornos

Alessa Savage’s videos on Jizzyes

Alessa Savage’s videos on Youjizz

Alessa Savage’s videos on Tubepornz

Alessa Savage’s videos on HDTubez

Alessa Savage’s videos on Pornsug

Alessa Savage’s videos on ELESBO

Alessa Savage’s Pictures

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