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Aften Opal

Who is the Aften Opal?

Aften Opal has one very important thing in common with her fans: just like them, she wishes she could eat her pussy and ass! If you’ve caught Aften’s head game before, you know that this tiny, blonde teen knows exactly how to make you cum with every swirl of her talented tongue. All-natural Aften is a swinger in her personal life, so she gets plenty of practice, and after seeing all her satisfied partners both on and off set, this spinner wants to experience her delicious pussy from both sides. Aften may be barely five feet tall, but she can take all the biggest dicks around, so check out this hottie now.

Aften Opal interested Guys and Girls

What job does Aften Opal have?

Aften Opal’s profession is Pornstar

When is Aften Opal’s birthday?

May 10th, 1999

Does Aften Opal Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Aften Opal

Where Aften Opal is from ?

Aften Opal is from United States

How tall is Aften Opal ?


Does Aften Opal Have a official website ?


What are Aften Opal biggest turn-ons?


Aften Opal’s Videos

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